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How to grow garlic?

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This was found on Let us see how we can harvesting garlic, which one of the most popular ingredients in several food items. If you eat food items with garlic, then you might want to grow them in your best vegetable garden. It is extremely simple to do and you can will find the given below ideas useful. Garlic is easy to grow but needs a period of low temperatures for plants to bulb up. Planting in autumn (October-November) or early spring provides the necessary chilling period. Choose an open sunny site and well-drained soil or grow in raised …

How to grow figs

Read this interesting article on There is little better than the growing fig  tree’s produce, so fresh it is still warm from the sun, straight from your garden. Dried figs are equally nutritious: if you have a bumper crop, then dry some of the fruit in a hot press or drying cupboard. If you turn them daily they will be preserved in six to eight days.

The best variety of fig tree to go for is Ficus carica ‘Brown Turkey’, whose fruit ripen in late August, and have a reddish-brown skin, red flesh and a sweet flavor.


 Growing tips

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Home Gardens Design Ideas Which Can Offer You with the Ultimate Garden

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Garden design ideas are now readily available at internet. You can just browse in and find plenty of details about home gardens and its design in the web. If you have planned to create home gardens then thinking of a plan is the first step you need to do. You need to figure out whether you need a big garden or a small garden.

If you have planned for a small garden then here are few useful tips which may use while setting up one.

Small garden design

The small garden design is a unique design when compared to other gardening methods. This …

Best Home Gardening Tips for Your Garden

Are you fed up during weekends? Perhaps, your kids are troubling you to no end during the weekends or on holidays, and you do not know what to do. How about designing your own best home gardening? If you do not have your own best looking garden, then you really do not know on what you are missing out on.

It is healthy

Gardening is a healthy activity. It is not surprising to note that many elderly people consider gardening as a healthy task and ensure that they spend lot of time in their gardens. Though you may be a young …

Garden Edging to Give a Better Look to Your Garden

If you feel that your garden lacks something or you are not satisfied with the way it appears, then you will want to make use of garden edging. Garden Edging is making a small design around the garden like a wall. The garden edge  can be also made around lawns to enable it to appear elegant.

The appearance of your garden and edging your garden will decide on the looks of your house. Many people feel that the interiors of a house are important. While that is true, the exteriors also require attention. If you have a large garden, then …