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Garden Edging to Give a Better Look to Your Garden

If you feel that your garden lacks something or you are not satisfied with the way it appears, then you will want to make use of garden edging. Garden Edging is making a small design around the garden like a wall. The garden edge  can be also made around lawns to enable it to appear elegant.

The appearance of your garden and edging your garden will decide on the looks of your house. Many people feel that the interiors of a house are important. While that is true, the exteriors also require attention. If you have a large garden, then …

How to Increase Your Success When Transplanting Seedlings?

transplanting seedling -

Transplanting seedlings on a calm, cloudy day, if possible. Late afternoon is a good time because plants can recover from the shock of Transplanting seedlings without sitting in the midday heat and sun. Your garden soil should be moist, but not soggy. If the weather has been dry, water the planting area the day before you plant.

Below are some pointers which you would want to make use when Transplanting seedling.

Proper timing

You will want to do it at the proper time of the year. When some seeds are available in the market, you don’t want to purchase them and …

How You Can Design a Roof Garden?

When you want to design a roof garden, you will need to understand certain points which will enable you to perform the task efficiently. Having a Roof Garden is an interesting concept. If you are living in an apartment or house that has a large terrace which is lying empty, then you will want to make use of the space.

What better way than to design a garden on the roof? Designing a green roof is not as hard as you think. In this article, we will see some ideas which will help you understand how to design your …

How to a Feed Plant – Things to Know

If you want to know more about plant food, then you will want to read this article. How to a Feed Plant? Though it might sound surprising, plants require food to grow healthy. Just like you need your daily food to grow healthy and led a good life, plants need their food to ensure that they grow properly. If you have a garden, then you obviously will not like your plants to appear weak and frail.

You will want them to be healthy and grow like the way you must Feed Plant . For that to happen, you …

Ideas to Grow Herb Garden in Your House


Are you planning to herb garden plants in your garden? It will not be surprising to know that you do want to grow herb in your garden. With the rising cost of herbs and their daily use in your kitchen, it makes sense to grow herb in your herb garden. Though, you can walk down to your store in the mornings and buy them, growing them in your garden and using them in your food makes a huge difference.

You will understand that once you have grown them in your garden and used it in your food. In this article …